Adara Stream - Healing the heart

Golden Light of Love


Love is the energy that gives meaning to our life, it is the driving force of all human activities. Although we are Earthly beings, we need power from the infinite Source of Love. Love is a moving, flowing and real force in the Universe. It is one of the strongest and most productive energies that drives all positive emotions. It colors every life experience, starting from the soul, through love to oneself and ending with love for others.

Your soul is related to your whole existence and can’t be excluded from any aspect of your life or experience. So it is connected to the energy of the love of Universe and it also transmits this energy to you. And you must first transform and learn to emanate in the form of love for yourself, because this "kind" of love is the foundation for all love. This wonderful universal force awakens in you when you accept your eternal identity and look at your worth through the prism of your Holy Source. You trust, belive, do not doubt and do not control.

Working with oneself means working on love for oneself, realizing that we deserve love changes everything. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a task beyond our strength.

Adara Stream is the answer to such a heart's need. Remember that you deserve love in each of its kind - yours, others, the Creator. And it was the Creator who took care of giving the world all the necessary tools needed for development, change, and growth. One of these tools is the Adara Stream's golden light, which allows you to remove the most difficult blockages of the heart that do not allow you to live with love and share it with your beloved ones.

I would like to share with you the energy of Adara Stream to heal your love for yourself as a gift of the heart.

Please, sit in silence, play mp3 file, in which I passed the Adara Stream energy for you. Open your heart, listen and you will resive it. This is a simple process. Just be in your heart for a moment and let Adara Stream to heal your inner child.

Please, be aware, this is a healing session. It is not recommended to listen more than every four days.

Download Adara Stream Selflove here.


with love

Jolanta Przybycień


Music heard on this recording: by Celestial Musician, Amoraea Dreamseed